About Us

  1. Mission Statement:
Hekima Womens’ Professional Center, Bukoba, Tanzania provides quality education for young women to emancipate them psychologically, culturally, socially, economically and spiritually, and enable them to develop talents, gain confidence, and have an impact on the development of their society.
  1. History of Hekima Girls’ School:
The history of the school dates back to 1902 when the White Sisters set up a girls' middle school at Kamukukubwa.  Being an exemplary all girls’ boarding school of its time, it attracted many young women, many of who became outstanding national and international figures.
In the 1960, Kamukukubwa was nationalized like most missionary schools at that time.  Later it was handed to the Regional Co-operative Union who started a co-educational
private secondary school.
In 1988, the school was handed back to the Theresian Sisters and Hekima was formally established, as the first ever all-girls private secondary school in the region.
Hekima is a boarding school located in the small village of Kashozi, 12 km north of Bukoba town, in the Kagera Region of Tanzania.
  1. Identity Statement:  
Traditionally, African women have been stereotyped into assuming a future of limited choices.  African culture provides females with less educational opportunities than males, thus creating an atmosphere of inferiority.  Once they have completed primary education few girls find themselves in a position to enroll in secondary schools.  This is due to the low availability of all-girls’ secondary schools (government and private), when compared to the number of all-boys’ schools and male-dominated co-educational schools, within the nation.
The Theresian Sisters recognized the potential of reclaiming the school with the purpose of providing a quality education, as per their mission statement.
Although the Theresian Sisters founded Hekima, it is not religiously biased.  Students and teachers from all regions are accommodated and given equal academic and religious opportunities.
  1. Theresian Sisters:

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus of Bukoba, Kagera Region, Tanzania was founded in 1933 in response to tremendous socio-economic and spiritual needs of the local people.  It has approximately 425 professed nuns who serve humanity under the leadership of the Catholic Church.