Saturday, January 15, 2011

Future:2011 IT Needs and the Computer Lab.

Future:2011 IT Needs and the Computer Lab:
Hekima has gone through different stages of IT development, with lots of ups and downs.

A good example is the endless struggles we make to give Hekima a “technological shape”. In the year 2000 we erected a room to accommodate 50 students and we installed about 20 computers. We started teaching Computers as a subject to all students, being helped by a Sister graduate in Computers, as well as the volunteers from Jesuit Volunteer International (JVI). Later, one Fr. John Eybel sent volunteers from Mary knoll affiliates to stay for one or two months. It was hard to put 50 students on 20 computers but in phases 50 students could share the 20 computers and worked by that time.

As time passed, computers stated to break down, thus requiring routine or major repair, most of which is extremely exorbitant such that we deemed it better to replace the broken ones, if possible. Nevertheless, this has not been easy either. As a result, now most of our computers are broken. Once we established a database to keep records for students’ academic continuous assessment but it collapsed! Moreover, although we are connected to the Internet, often for 24 hours, we do not have a qualified IT and Computer personnel to either fix the broken Computers or teach both the staff and students so that we fully utilize these available resources. This is one of our current most outstanding needs.

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