Saturday, January 15, 2011

News:2010 School Year Highlights.

  • The school academic year began, run and ended almost smoothly according to plan. Not any major challenges were experienced.
  • Two giant granaries, to take 40 tones of grain, were constructed and put to use thereby ending the existing problems of students spending a lot of time on putting maize for their food in the sun and taking it back to store in order to keep destructive insects; away and the school being compelled to spray it with chemical preservatives which was not so healthy for the students.
  • The students’ laundry was opened which ended the problem of students washing their clothes and disposing the waste, soapy water anywhere and everywhere, especially on grass lawns, paths etc thereby endangering the environment.
  • The school got a second hand bus which marked the reduction of transport problem for both the students and staff.
  • Around 38 acres of land was purchased. This brought new hopes for planned expansion, self-help projects, reforestation etc as our campus is now almost fully utilized and there is hardly any space left.
  • Three hundred science books donated to the school through special programme of READ UNIVERSITY UK  some are text books and good references.

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