Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inform:Frequently Asked Questions.

    • When are you opening an all girls English Medium Primary School?
    • Why don’t you have a pre-form one class?
    • What makes the Hekima students well behaved and have special attitude towards education compared to most of the rest in the region?
    • How do you manage to make your students speak English all the time when this has proved almost impossible to most secondary schools in Tanzania?
    • What makes Hekima students perform relatively well in academics especially those who were relatively weak in primary school?
    • Why is Hekima frequented by many foreigners compared to other secondary schools in the region?
    • Why do development projects at Hekima get foreign sponsors comparatively easier than others in the zone?
    • How come that the school can do comparatively a lot with limited resources?
    • Why are students at Hekima not doing very well in Math?

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