Saturday, January 15, 2011

News:2010 Oct. Student Comments.

There were a good number of brief stories written by the 1st and 3rd year students. Those in the 2nd had already gone home after sitting for their national exams. Nevertheless, only a few of the stories were given space bearing in mind that they will be replaced when the website is created. For the sake of the writers’ pride the stories have not been edited. We hope any errors encountered will not be a hindrance to the readers’ comprehension.
  • We, Hekima students, are currently happier because of various latest improvements.        For example we now use the new laundry which has running water and so we do not have to carry washing water on our heads.  – E. Josue, Form III
  • I will never forget the problem of cleaning the waste water pit from the bathroom. Phew! The smell! But that is history now. Thanks to our benefactors and may the Lord bless you.  – G. Speratus, Form III
  • I love the internet. I feel it has all the secrets I need in life. Most importantly it has a variety of knowledge. But the problem is that most of the time the computers take ages to open! At times I feel like breaking them into pieces when they refuse to open. To me they are like mean people who deny you help when they have the ability and power. Please computers, stop breaking because when you do you also break our hearts and our future. – A. Paschal, Form I
  • Dear granaries, thank you for coming to our rescue. My back, hands, head specially thank you. Carrying corn day in day out was not fun at all. Washing it early in the morning ready for drying and milling was my worst experience at school. But my stomach owes you the most gratitude. Now the food is more tasty and chemical free. When I have a family in future, in your memory, I will make sure I have someone like you at home. – Alphoncina Nyamwihura, Form III
  • When I look at the builders of our new dining hall (CAPPS CENTRE) who are sometimes sitting for the reason of resting because they say their work is very hard I ask myself if they know the problems we get when eating. Yesterday it was raining when we were taking lunch. I had to wait outside for my turn. Last week wind blew a leaf into my food because we eat outside. When the dining hall is ready we will celebrate. – H. Mohamed, Form I
  • I came to Hekima because it is a different school. At first I thought it is a school for training girls to become nuns. But later my elder sister studied here. That is when I understood. During the first months life was very hard for me. The routine has many activities. Speaking English was like punish to me because I was not knowing to speak it well. But now I speak it like I am drinking water.  During Christmas holidays I will speak it with my sister who is at university. I will make my parents to be happy. – C. Ndalahwa, Form I

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