Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inform:We welcome volunteers.

For a number of years the school has been working with teaching and non-teaching volunteers from U.S.A., Sweden, Ireland, England, Germany and Australia, Due to the benefits gained from either party the school is ready to work and warmly invites both domestic and foreign volunteers to work with us.
Preferably applications are to be submitted through International Volunteer Organisations. Nevertheless, interested individuals can contact the Headmistress via E-mail showing their academic and professional qualifications, fields of working interest, age, gender, working experience, duration for which the applicant is ready to work with us, etc.
As all the teaching and non-teaching staff are accommodated at school, volunteers are also given free accommodation of reasonable standard on campus. This includes bed, net and reasonable number of furniture pieces. In addition, basic cooking and dining tools are provided. The quarters have running water and electricity. Free night security guarding is provided by the school.
Additional Information:
Free break tea and lunch to volunteers on working days are provided by the school.

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