Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Table of Contents for the Blog.

We hope you find these pages helpful and you find what you want. If not, please send an email to Sister Esther.
We are in the process of gathering material for a Hekima Girls’ Secondary School website. The girls in our school are very talented, very motivated and amazingly eager to learn. We all eagerly invite you to become part of our community. That starts by learning about us right here in these pages.

There are two sets of pages to explore.  
1. Click on one of these page tabs:
| Table of Contents | Donate | Staff | About Us | School Song | Pictures
2. Table of Contents: Click one of these links.

Future: We have a LOT of plans for the future. We are really excited about that will be happening around here in the next few months and next couple years. We really believe these changes will happen because we have seen so many wonderful changes in the last couple years.

Final: These pages include information that summarizes what our school is all about.

Here are a few actions for you while you are here:
1. There is a place to leave comments at the end of each page. Let us know what you think about what you find.
2. Tell your friends about us. We look forward to have you and your friends as part of our community.
3. Finally, we have a lot of growing all around us here at our school. Some day we look forward to growing into a Womens’ Professional Center offering education and training for girls and women of all ages. We appreciate your help in any way you may want to participate.

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